Ioway Invtl.


The Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma is proud to present the Ioway Invitational, April 28-30.

Ticket  Information:

Adult 13 + $15.00
Youth 8 - 12 $5.00
Child 7 & under Free

*Tickets are per day

Tickets can be purchased online here.

*Please note that onlinie tickets will not be delivered, they can be picked up at event at will call.

Take a look at the action!

About Indian Relay Races

The sport of Indian Relay Racing, Native Americans #1 extreme sporting event, originated from the Northern Plains Tribes.  The horse culture had an enormous effect with Native Americans of the Great Plains. Combining riding skills with evasive maneuvers evolved into skillful and powerful warriors taking flight on their Indian ponies bareback into battle or hunting parties.  A connection to the past Indian Relay racing has proven to be one of the greatest attractions.  The sport features intense full throttle action, including high speed dismounts and smooth transitions to the next horse mount.  Above all the sport of Indian Relay is like no other horse racing you have ever seen, mostly undiscovered in popular America.

How it works:

This extreme sport features a combination of fearless, athletic riders and high strung thoroughbreds racing around the track for victory.  An Indian relay team consists of 4 people and 3 horses; A "rider" mounted bareback on the horse, a "mugger", the setup man to position the horses for transition, the "catcher" to catch the dismounted horse, and a "back holder" to rotate the exchange horses.  Each mounted rider representing their team races around the track riding bareback at speeds up to 40 miles an hour to complete one lap.  Hardly slowing down, the riders jump from one horse and leap onto another for the 1st transition, gripping and breaking out for the second full lap. Riders then make another, final exchange, accelerating to the finish line with full pedal to the medal intensity.  We look forward to hosting this event at the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma Race Track introducing this fast, thrilling, and exciting performance of horsemanship and athleticism for the first time in Oklahoma.